Pediatric Services

Pediatric Services

Pediatric care involves a very different dynamic in terms of patient care. Instead of just a relationship between patient and doctor, a good relationship must be established between doctor, parents and child. Quality pediatric services are provided when trust and communication is established within this relationship.

Pediatrics is also the foundation for the health of the individual throughout their lifetime. Pediatricians are skilled at caring for children who are constantly growing and developing, much different than caring for the fully developed adult. With this in mind, pediatric services include education and resources for young patients with the goal of developing health conscious individuals.

Who is pediatric care for?pediatric services jacksonville fl

Pediatrics encompasses treating children from the time they are born until they are 21 years old. These years have the biggest impact on an individual’s health throughout their lifetime. During this time your child’s body and body systems are growing and developing into the fully mature versions of themselves. This crucial time of development allows pediatricians to monitor your child’s growth physically and mentally and assure proper development.

Well Child Visit

The well child visit is typically the staple of pediatric services. This one service can help prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor children. The well child visit is important because it gives pediatricians the ability to monitor your child on a regular basis and determine if there are any current or potential developmental problems or medical conditions. Pediatricians can then use this knowledge to practice preventative medicine and diagnose/treat conditions before they get out of control. Check our Well Child Visit Schedule to determine if your child is due for a pediatric visit.

Carithers’ Pediatric Services

The Carithers Pediatric Group provides quality pediatric services to children in the Jacksonville, FL area. Our pediatricians are experts in child development and preventative medicine. We treat patients at both our Riverside and Southside Jacksonville locations. Our general pediatric services include:

The Carithers Pediatric Group in Jacksonville, FL is dedicated to providing your child with the best pediatric care possible. For more information about our pediatric services or our practice, please contact us today.

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