Initial ADD/ADHD Evaluation

We thank you for your confidence in our practice and the trust you place in us with your children. Our office would like to expedite the evaluation of inattention or school difficulties for your child. The providers want to work with you to ensure your child is meeting his or her full potential in school. To make this evaluation more smooth and accurate, we are requesting you follow these instructions prior to your visit:

  1. Please click on these links to download and fill out the Vanderbilt questionnaires (Initial Parent / Initial Teacher). Please complete one evaluation sheet for each parent and one for each teacher. IF you child has more than two teachers or your child has a tutor, please have them complete the questionnaires as well. It is helpful to have as many observations as possible. Everyone should fill the forms out separately. Please have these filled out prior to the first office visit, and bring them to your visit.
  2. Please click on this link and complete the “ADHD/ADD Medical History” sheet. Bring to your visit.
  3. Please arrive on-time to your visit. It takes a lot of time to adequately assess your child. A late-comer to an ADHD/ADD visit not only robs your child of necessary time but also affects all the children scheduled after yours.
  4. Please try not to bring other children to your child’s ADHD/ADD visit. Other children often distract from the focus needed during the visit.
  5. Avoid reading too much right now about ADHD/ADD. It might possibly bias your response to the ADHD/ADD scales. We will gladly direct you to reading material on ADHD/ADD should your child receive this diagnosis.
  6. Consider a psychoeducational evaluation prior to your visit. Either a psychoeducational evaluation by a licensed psychologist or a complete evaluation done by the school system can be very helpful in diagnosing the reason for your child’s school difficulties. Not all children that the teacher identifies as “inattentive” have ADHD. Some children have learning processing disorders (such as dyslexia) or other psychological disorders (such as depression or anxiety) which result in school difficulties. A thorough psychoeducational evaluation helps us ensure we are making the correct diagnosis for your child. Please note: We suggest you call your insurance carrier to inquire about whether or not psychological services are covered and which pediatric psychologists are covered by your insurance plan. If you have questions about any of this information, please contact our phone nurse during regular business hours for clarification.

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