Elementary Years

Ages 5-10

School bells are ringing and your child is now moving into an exciting time of life! Most likely you have some clear memories of your grade school years, which adds to the fulfillment of watching your child grow and develop. You might recall your first days of a given grade, your first baseball games or piano recitals, your favorite teachers, and your very first friends. Sharing these same moments with your child will truly bless your heart and further deepen your relationship.

Your imaginative five-year-old will also start to ask questions about everything! Curiosity will drive his learning experiences at home and at school. Throughout the elementary years, his thinking will turn from imaginative to concrete, although he will keep a sense of creativity. Logic and problem-solving skills will emerge.

He will achieve important education milestones like reading and math, telling time and making change. Especially during the first few years, struggles in learning may become evident; close communication with the teachers will lend towards early identification and intervention.

Important life skills are also developed during these years. Daily activities like dressing and tooth-brushing become independent. Chores around the house teach responsibility and contribution to the family unit. Friendships are much more geared towards cooperative play and interaction now, providing great enjoyment as well as good life lessons in the differences and needs of others. They may learn the importance of practice and teamwork in sports and music. As academic demands increase over these years, you can help your child establish a good foundation of time management with homework and studying. This will pay off for years to come!

Earlier childhood fears usually begin to fade. You will find your child more adventurous in his activities and eating habits. Some children will need careful attention to enforcing risk-taking boundaries, while others may need your encouragement to step out and move forward. Children have different temperaments and personalities and require customized parenting! This can be a challenge and we are here to support you with advice and resource recommendations.

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