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Sports Physicals

It is that time of year again, whether it is spring, fall, winter or summer, sports physicals are being scheduled for recreational or school sports. Most schools or athletic organizations require a sports physical for participation. However, even if a sports physical is not required it is recommended by physicians to assess and maintain the health of the individual. As parents, you do not want to worry about your kids having a health issue that worsens or leads to other injuries while participating in athletic activities.sports physical jacksonville fl

Duval and surrounding counties require that a Pre-Participation Sports Physical Form be completed for a student to participate in school sports. The form for Florida schools is available for download by clicking the link above. Fill out the Pre-Participation Sports Physical Form and bring it to The Carithers Pediatric Group for the physical examination. At Carithers we can provide sports physicals for recreational sports, school sports teams and college student physicals. We ask that college students bring the required paperwork from their respective college with them to the physical exam.

We will do our very best to accommodate unexpected, last minute appointments.

What does a sports physical entail?

For most sports physicals there are two different sections. The first section involves the listing of medical history of the patient and the family. This portion of the physical helps the physician to gain some understanding of the individual’s medical history and perform the most thorough physical examination. The physical examination itself determines whether the patient is healthy and if they are physically capable of participating in a specific sport.  Sports physicals help organizations to take preventative measures, so risk of injury to a child who may be predisposed to a certain condition can be reduced.

The value of having your personal pediatric group perform your physical is that we can look at your child’s previous medical history. We can review growth patterns, blood pressure trends, access any previous subspecialty notes, and review the medical history that is pertinent for excellent performance.

The Medical History segment includes:

current medications including supplements

past surgery, hospitalization or conditions

past injuries

allergies (plant, insects, medication)

history of dizzyness, passing out, chest pain or trouble breathing during exercise

family history of illness

illnesses the child may currently have or had

The Physical Exam includes the following:

recording height and weight

examining lungs, heart, nose, ears and throat

vision check

genital exam (male)

hernia check (male)

taking blood pressure and heart rate readings

joint, neck, back exam

Sports Physicals in Jacksonville, FL

Carithers provides sports physical exams that meet Florida High School Athletic Association requirements and that fully assess your child’s health. It is our goal to make sure that your child is healthy and physically ready to participate in athletic activities. For more information on sports physicals or our other services, contact us at one of our Jacksonville offices.