Sports and Hydration For Kids

Fans are cheering as the fall sports seasons start up again! In Florida, the fall is almost as hot as the summer, and Carithers would like to remind you that when it comes to sports and hydration for kids, our children are more sensitive to heat exposure than adults. Children can generate up to 25% more heat per pound of weight during exercise than adults. Their ability to give off heat through sweating is not as efficient, and their bodies do not acclimate to heat and humidity changes as quickly as adults. Unfortunately, their bodies react to dehydration more quickly and severely. Therefore, it is important to hydrate them before they feel thirsty and to drink at least 4-8oz of water every 20 minutes during exercise and also electrolyte containing fluids by one hour of activity. Coaches and parents should schedule activities in the cooler parts of the day and should be flexible to re-scheduling events when heat indexes are too high.

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