General Services

Adolescent Preventative Care

We provide comprehensive care to adolescents including preventative check-ups, health risk assessment, nutrition counseling, gynecological care and STD screening. Sports physicals, college physicals and vaccines and TB screenings are available.

Chronic Conditions and Special Needs

Our providers at The Carithers Pediatric Group are experts in all aspects of pediatric illness. Our collaborative care approach enables high quality management of each child’s particular health care needs. We are happy to communicate with your child’s subspecialist and prescribe and authorize needed therapies.

Comprehensive Phone Advice

During the hours of 8:00AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, our office provides complimentary telephone advice given by experienced pediatric nurses. Please note that our website provides helpful information on emergency guidelines as well as home management of common illnesses.

Depression Screening and Treatment

There has been an increase in the incidence of adolescent depression over the last decade. Carithers partnered with the psychiatry department at Nemours in a study to incorporate routine screening of adolescents. We continue to provide this service as well as treatment and have a special relationship with Nemours for quick referrals when needed.

Developmental Screenings

To meet each child’s individual needs and assess your child’s various stages of development, we use various assessment tools and resources in order to enhance your child’s full potential. We evaluate motor and speech development and screen for autism. The developmental screens are available in patient forms under our For Patients section.

We provide pediatric ear piercing for children older than 4 months. Ear piercing at Carithers is provided in a sterilized environment and education on post-visit ear care is provided.

Electronic Medical Records System

At The Carithers Pediatric Group, we can access your child’s medical record electronically and advise you based on his/her particular medical history. If the provider you usually see is at another location, we can correspond with him/her efficiently by using this computer system. It allows us to send your prescriptions electronically and receive communications about your child from Wolfson Children’s Hospital and Nemours subspecialists.

Expectant Parent Classes

An informal group meeting with one of our eleven physicians is held on a monthly basis. It gives expectant parents the opportunity to learn some basic newborn care, ask questions, learn how we function as a practice, and view our facility. Alternatively, we offer a complimentary pre-delivery visit with one of our pediatricians as you await your new baby.

Foreign Body Removal

Kids put all kinds of things in all kinds of places! Whether a splinter or a bead up a nose, our doctors can remove most foreign bodies, avoiding a costly ER visit.

Hearing Screening

Routine hearing screenings are performed in our office by our nursing staff, starting when your child is for years of age.

Vision Screenings

Routine vision screenings are performed starting at 15 months of age in our office by our nursing staff.

In Grown Toenail Treatment and Removal

Most ingrown nail infections can be managed with soaks and antibiotics, but if they are recurrent or severe, our doctors are trained in removal.

Laboratory Services

Our offices’ labs are certified as moderate complexity laboratories. We offer many tests in- house. Examples of some of our testing capabilities include rapid strep tests/strep cultures, rapid mono tests, complete blood counts, urinalysis, HCG/ pregnancy test, blood sugar levels, anemia screening, flu tests, and full cholesterol screening. PPD placement is also available to screen for tuberculosis.

In accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association recommendations, our practice screens for inherited cholesterol problems at 10 years and 17 years old. This screen includes a full lipid panel to evaluate HDL, LDL and triglycerides. It is a valuable tool in the management of our children struggling with obesity.

Our physicians are affiliated with Baptist Medical Center-Downtown, Baptist Medical Center-South, Baptist Medical Center-Beaches, St. Vincent’s Riverside Hospital, and St. Vincent’s Southside Hospital and round on newborns delivered at these locations. We visit you and your baby daily while you are in the hospital. There is no need to pre-register with our office. Simply notify the hospital staff upon your arrival that you would like your newborn to be seen by The Carithers Pediatric Group and one of our pediatricians will see you within 24 hours of delivery. Even if you deliver elsewhere, we will gladly accept your child as a patient.

Referral Request for Specialist

We honor requests for referrals to see medical/pediatric specialists. We have good relationships with many specializing physicians in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas and would be happy to refer you to any of them, if indicated.

Same Day Sick Appointments

We offer same day sick appointments. If you need a same day appointment, please call as early as possible to arrange a time after 8:00 AM.

Physicals to fulfill the requirements for school sports or camps are one of our specialties. We complete a thorough check-up and physical exam and accurately fill out any forms required by the school or camp program.

Shot Only Visit

If your child needs recommended immunizations or flu shots and is up to date for their well-check, we ask that you schedule a “shot only” appointment with one of our nurses.

Treatment of Minor Lacerations and Injuries

Our office can repair most minor lacerations with sutures, staples or dermabond. Since timing is critical with lacerations, please call our office to discuss the best plan of action. We can also remove staples or sutures. We can splint sprains and minor fractures as indicated and will help arrange orthopedic follow- up when necessary.

Wart Freezing (cryotherapy)

We offer cryotherapy for warts, if deemed appropriate by the provider.

Checkups are the backbone of good healthcare for children. Regular inventory of their physical, mental, and emotional health allows us to partner with you in their growth and well-being.

Our 24-hour answering service is available to patients and caregivers who need assistance after hours. This service is available as a courtesy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This service is to be used for concerns that need immediate attention. The after-hours service is not to be used for non-emergent advice or questions. Please call one of our staff members during normal working hours for advice or concerns that are non-emergent. However, if there is a matter that needs urgent attention, one of our nurses or pediatricians will return your call promptly and advise you on how to proceed

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