Parent Workshops & Consults

Parent Workshops

The Carithers Pediatric Group is offering parent workshops at our Southside office with Mae Barker, PhD, BCBA-D.

Workshops Include: 

  • Bye Bye Diapers: How to Toilet Train Your Child
  • The Essential Parenting Toolkit: A “How To” Workshop
  • GO TO SLEEP! How to Improve Your Child’s Sleep
  • How to Help Your Young Child Overcome Anxiety

Go to Parent Training Solutions, for more information and to register.

Parent Consults

Carithers Pediatrics is excited to now offer affordable, on-site behavioral consultation and services to children and their parents by partnering with Dr. Mae Barker, a Doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst with extensive experience working with children and families. Dr. Barker can work with parents to address their child’s behavior in areas such as compliance, toileting, social functioning, sleep, anxiety, eating, etc. For more information about these services and to schedule an appointment, email mae@parenttraining.net or call 904-329-4327. You can also visit www.parenttraining.net for more info

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