10 Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

Children hiking in mountains or forest with sport hiking shoes. Girls are walking trough forest path wearing mountain boots and walking sticks. Frog perspective with focus on the shoes; blog: 10 Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

This summer may be a little different for you and your kids due to COVID-19 and safety guidelines. However, it’s still important that kids spend outside and stay active. Luckily, there are plenty of outdoor activities for kids to do this summer while still following the CDC’s guidelines on social distancing and staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Family Bike Rides

Now is a great time to go for bike rides. It gets the whole family outside and when you’re riding, it’s easy to practice social distance. Explore your neighborhood or your town’s bike paths if they’re open. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has great guidelines on how children can bike safely.

2. Hiking

If you make sure to follow social distancing guidelines and there are parks or trails open near your home, then you can take some family hikes this summer. Explore and find new favorite spots to visit. You can pack a lunch and have a picnic. As always, remember that everyone should stay hydrated and wear proper sun protection

3. Nature Walks

Even if you don’t get out to a trail, you can still enjoy nature with kids this summer. Go on walks around your neighborhood or town and look for certain plants and animals that should be around this time of year. Have kids keep a nature journal or check things they see off a list.

4. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are good outdoor activities for kids because they may be more enticing for some kids than going on a walk with no other purpose. Check out these scavenger hunt ideas for kids from Good Housekeeping. Pick some out that work for your area that will interest your kids. Then get kids moving outside looking for items and clues.

5. Water Play

No matter how many tech toys companies make, kids will always love playing in the water. Some good outdoor activities for kids this summer are running through the sprinkler, having water balloon fights, or splashing through baby pools. 

6. Backyard Sports

Sports leagues may or may not be up and running this summer where you live, but either way, you can have some fun playing your own games in the yard. Playing catch, soccer, kickball, or basketball are all very doable outdoor activities for kids at home. Or set up competitions and have your own backyard Olympics since the actual 2020 games have been postponed.

7. Fort Building

Building a fort is a timeless classic. We’re not really talking about buying lumber and setting up a construction site. We’re talking about finding materials around the house and rigging them up outside for a temporary hideout. Let kids grab blankets, chairs, tarps, towels, and other items you don’t mind them taking outside. They’ll get a kick of hanging them from clotheslines, patio furniture, and trees. And they’ll love hanging out in their new digs after it’s built.

8. Home Camp Out

Another classic summertime activity many kids enjoy is camping out in the yard. Start the night off by grilling or eating dinner outside. Then play some games, tell some stories, and make s’mores if you have the ability. Then sleep under the stars. If you don’t want to sleep outside, then you can just head inside right before bed and still have a fun night in the yard.

9. Sidewalk Chalk

This is a good way to get your little artist outside and moving around. Sidewalk chalk is cheap and easy to get, so it’s an easy outdoor activity for kids. Find sections of sidewalk or pavement safe for kids to draw on and let them go crazy with their artistic abilities. Challenge them to draw certain things, create fun hopscotch boards, or challenging obstacle courses with their colorful chalk.

10. Gardening

Do a bit of research on the seasonal plants that grow well in your area and plant a little garden patch. You can even try your hand at growing your own veggies. If you don’t have room for a full garden, then some planters or pots will do the trick.

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