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Pediatric Weight Management and Nutrition Counseling

That-A-Weigh Kids™: a monthly weight management class in Jacksonville Florida for children

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Child obesity is reaching epidemic numbers in the United States and has steadily increased over the past thirty years. Recent statistics reveal that 15% of children between the ages of six and nineteen are at risk for being overweight and an additional 15% are already classified as overweight by accepted standards. All the providers at Carithers Pediatric Group understand the impact being overweight can have on your child both medically and socially. Carithers Pediatric Group provides children pediatric weight management and nutrition counseling services in Jacksonville FL.

Nutrition Counseling Options for Kids

We have several nutrition counseling options available at our Jacksonville FL locations for your child and your family to begin living a healthier lifestyle. We have a unique class called That-A-Weigh Kids™, which inutrition counseling jacksonville fls a program to help children, teens and families learn to make healthier food choices. Nutrition and food choices play a direct role in pediatric weight management. This class is offered monthly, usually on a Tuesday evening, at our Southside location and led by Dr. Wendy Sapolsky who is joined by a pediatric dietitian, Kerri Napoleon. Each patient will receive an individual food plan and each month a group topic is discussed ranging from New Year’s goals to dealing with Halloween candy.

Pediatric Weight Management Medical Visits

We are also now offering individual office visits to address weight management during regular office hours with the provider of your choice, including our nurse practitioners. We have all been educated using the That-a-Weigh Kids™ food plans and will provide an individual food plan, if needed, in addition to nutritional guidance and screening for any medical conditions. Our pediatricians and nurse practitioners will work with your child and family to improve everyone’s nutritional goals. We realize how much family eating behavior patterns can have an impact on childrens’ eating habits. Our goal is to help families reverse these problematic eating behaviors and start making more nutritious choices. By making nutritious choices, your child will have a better handle on their weight management goals.

Feel free to register your child for our That-A-Weigh Kids class. For more information on nutrition counseling and the other services Cartihers Pediatric Group provides contact us at one of our Jacksonville, FL locations.

Additional Resources on Pediatric Weight Management for Kids

As a pediatric group, we encompass all areas of childhood health. If you are wanting in-depth information about childhood weight management, we recommend checking out these other resources. Here are our top 10 websites on weight management and child obesity information:

  1. Healthy Children— Gives great information regarding ages and stages and appropriate healthy food choices for each age. Also gives sample menus for families on the go!
  2. Eat Right — Eating on a budget, guidelines for eating healthy, instructions for reading labels and vegetarian lifestyle recommendations
  3. Healthier Generation — Information for eating healthy on the go and at school
  4. Food Insight — Information for food safety and storage – keeping healthy foods fresh longer.
  5. Kidnetic — A website with games for kids of all ages and interactive recipe building
  6. Kids Health — Kid friendly website for staying healthy while growing up and going through puberty.
  7. — Information for safely using dietary supplements. Special section for athletes also included on this website.
  8. Shape Up — Information and guidelines for assessing healthy weight and family fitness ideas
  9. Fit WebMD — Videos, games and daily challenges for leading a healthy lifestyle at all ages of life.
  10. Choose My Plate — Information for super tracker, food plans and food labeling