Newborn Care

The term “neonatal” refers to the first month (28 days) of a baby’s life. Providing medical attention and care for a newborn takes special knowledge. Not every pediatrician is equipped for neonatal nursing. At The Carithers Pediatric Group, we provide newborn pediatric care and neonatal nursing to your new baby. We are there from your baby’s first day of life. Our goal is to anticipate the questions that you will have during this milestone. 

Every expectant parent will receive a visit from one of our pediatricians within 24 hours of delivery. There is no need to pre-register with our office. Simply notify the hospital staff upon your arrival that you would like your newborn to be seen by The Carithers Pediatric Group. Our physicians are affiliated with Baptist Medical Center-Downtown, Baptist Medical Center-South, Baptist Medical Center- Beaches, St. Vincent’s Riverside Hospital, and St. Vincent’s Southside Hospital. However, even if you deliver elsewhere, we will gladly accept your newborn baby as a patient.

Expecting Your Baby

We also serve as a guide to parents in the months leading up to the birth of your baby. In our expectant parent classes, an informal group meeting held on a monthly basis, we provide advice and tours of our practice. We want you to know exactly what to expect from your relationship with your neonatal pediatrician. These classes give expectant parents the opportunity to learn some basic newborn care, ask questions, learn how we function as a practice and view our facility. Alternatively, we offer a complimentary pre-delivery visit with one of our pediatricians as you await your new baby.

Neonatal guidance from Carithers Pediatric Group

We understand the excitement and fears that come with expecting a baby. It can be relieving to know that you have a dedicated medical professional to speak with on all matters, even matters relating to the specific neonatal period. That is why our specialized pediatricians offer immediate guidance as you enter parenthood.

We recommend referring to our Well Child Visit Schedule for scheduling pediatrician visits in the first years of your child’s life. Here is a brief overview of the recommended schedule for the first year:

  • Before and after birth
  • 3-5 days of life
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 4 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 1 year

Newborn Care Services We Provide

  • Newborn physical exam (Well Child visit)
  • Talk about the health status of your newborn
  • Listen and serve as a guide as parents ask questions
  • Allow parents to express their preferences and parent in the style that they choose

At The Carithers Pediatric Group, we understand that the first month is the most crucial in your baby’s development. We listen to parent preferences. We consider a baby’s individual health needs. We combine these factors with our expert knowledge to establish a positive foundation for the rest of your child’s pediatric healthcare. If you are an expectant parent and want to learn more about our pediatric services, contact us today at one of our Jacksonville, FL offices.

How to Schedule a Same-Day Appointment

We know that unhappy children are not easy to deal with. It can be hard to figure out what you need to do to get your child the best care quickly while trying to make sure they are safe. Scheduling a same-day appointment to get your child urgent care is easy at Carithers.

  • Step 1: Visit Carithers’ Riverside or Southside location page and determine which location is closest to you
  • Step 2: Call and let us know the issue and that you need a Same-Day Appointment
  • Step 3: If no one answers, check our office hours page and call the other location if they are open
  • Step 4: If neither office is open and the issue needs to be addressed, go to the emergency room or an urgent care facility. If it can wait or be addressed at home, call our 24-hour answering service at 904-387-6200 and one of our on-call pediatricians will get back with you ASAP


The Carithers Pediatric Group’s two locations in Jacksonville, FL offer quality pediatric care for children in Duval County and surrounding areas. Our same-day appointments provide benefits to parents and their children. In pediatrics, as with any other medical specialty, preventative and urgent medical care helps keep kids healthy. Our same-day appointment option makes sure that your child gets the care they need promptly, so the illness, injury, or infection does not get worse. 
As parents, we know that waiting for an appointment later in the week or even tomorrow is not an option when your child needs care now. Same-day appointments free you of having to plan your week around your child’s appointment. They can also save you time off work by catching the illness in the early stages. This can prevent you from having to stay home from work with a sick child. To learn more about all that we offer, visit our services page here.

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