5 Common Illnesses and Symptoms Children Experience  

The back-to-school season is an exciting time for everyone. However, it is also a common time for a swell in common illnesses that spread easily amongst children. After being apart throughout the summer, coming together in the confines of a classroom also includes sharing germs. Especially in younger years, kids share toys and other objects that can make it easy to spread common illnesses. 

Understanding Common Illnesses Children Face 

You do not have to stress about what common illnesses your child could face this school year. At Carithers Pediatric Group, we are here to give you the resources you need to treat these instances and understand what your child could face. Looking for more resources? Check out our website to find out even more information.  

Common Cold 

Common colds can happen at any time. According to Stanford Children’s Health, this is one of the most common illnesses that children face. Most children may even encounter these symptoms 6 to 8 times a year. This is connected to the fact that it is more common in the fall and winter seasons. Children catch a cold when exposed to someone who is also infected with one of the cold viruses. This is either through the air or direct contact. This can be commonly passed around at school as children interact in the classroom. 

Consistent Cough

A cough can affect people at any age, and it is often a result of various other conditions. However, not every experience of a child coughing means that something more is going on. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology explains that coughing is actually protecting the body by removing mucus, irritating substances, and infections. The real problem with coughing is when it lasts more than two to three weeks without being connected to a diagnosed viral infection. At this time, the best course of action is to contact your child’s doctor to see if there is another cause. 

Sore Throat 

Is your child complaining of soreness in their throat? There are many possible causes behind sore throats, but it is one of the very common illnesses for children. Sore throats often accompany cases of colds, viral pharyngitis, strep pharyngitis, mono, post-nasal drip, mouth breathing, or problems with the tonsils. With this many possible connections, it is important to observe it to see if there is a worsening, as it may signify one of the more serious conditions. 

Ear Pain 

Your child may experience cases of ear pain. Like sore throats, children can experience ear pain due to many other conditions. This could be due to ear infections or even blocked Eustachian tubes. Once they begin to experience the pain, it is important to pinpoint the cause to treat it correctly. You may also begin to notice the pain if your child struggles to hear certain things. Once the pain is identified, your child’s doctor can determine the cause and provide the necessary treatment plan.


Pinkeye is highly contagious, making it a large problem in the school community once it starts. Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis, is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. It is often one of the easiest conditions to diagnose in a child. Your child’s eye will start to look bloodshot. Along with this, their eye will produce discharge around the eye that you can also start to notice. Sometimes it is associated with underlying problems including sinus or ear infections as well as allergies. The treatment varies with each of these and your provider will help to sort this out. 

Understanding what symptoms and common illnesses your child may exhibit is part of getting ready for the new school year. Suddenly being back with all of their friends is exciting, but it is a definite time of germ spread. Are you looking for more resources before your child returns to the classroom? Carithers Pediatric Group is here to provide you with the information you need to keep your child prepared. Check out our website or give us a call for more information. 

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