Childhood Asthma Treatment

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Carithers Pediatric Group provides childhood asthma treatment in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. We take a collaborative team approach to support families with a child struggling with asthma, as we maximize care. Ideal management of asthma involves regular visits with our physicians to discuss a child’s progress. These visits will be utilized to maximize education, develop an “Asthma Action Plan”, adjust medications, and/or order additional tests or consultations if needed.

What is Childhood Asthma?

Asthma is also referred to as reactive airways disease. It is a common childhood condition that can manifest itself in varying degrees of severity and presentation. For some children, it is mild and slow in onset. For others, it can be sudden and severe, requiring emergency intervention. Typical triggers of childhood asthma (its reactivity) include upper respiratory infections (colds/viruses), weather change, exercise, and allergy exposures. Most children cough and feel short of breath. These sudden, acute symptoms are relieved by a medicine referred to as a rescue medicine. If they occur frequently, then different medicines are used on a regular basis to prevent the symptoms from starting up.

The science of managing asthma and the use of the many medicines for this is a well-defined science, with guidelines endorsed by the National Health Institute and the American Academy of Pediatrics. The recommendations attempt to balance the minimized use of medicines with side effects while keeping the lungs healthy and free of the long term damage that can occur with poorly controlled asthma. There are specific steps outlined in this management. The goal is a healthy child who is free to enjoy life, including exercise, sports, playing outdoors in all seasons, and weathering typical viruses with little trouble.

Managing Childhood Asthma

We recommend that those patients diagnosed with asthma should be followed at least every 3 to 6 months by their doctor. Our goal is to evaluate how our patients are doing and make adjustments if needed with medications. We hope to make these changes when there are mild symptoms rather than waiting for flare-ups requiring ER visits, hospitalizations and missed days at school and/or work.

Assessments are made regarding the frequency of symptoms, the use of rescue medicine and the effectiveness of preventative maintenance medicines. Asthma action plans are established and reviewed so that a parent and child feel comfortable and clear about how to approach flare-ups, manage their asthma at home appropriately, and when to bring their child to the office.

Childhood Asthma Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

We look forward to working with you to assist your child in this area. We want you to feel confident that we not only have your child’s best interest in mind but also possess the knowledge and experience to appropriately assess and treat your child. Carithers serves children of Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas with quality pediatric care including childhood asthma action plans. For more information about our services, contact us at our two Jacksonville locations.

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