How To Keep Your Child Healthy While Traveling

These days, being healthy while traveling can bring up some worrisome thoughts about germs and sickness. However, there are effective ways to ensure your child’s health remains a top priority while traveling. By preparing before travel, you can have an idea of what to avoid, and how to do it. Your child and your trip will be happy that you took these tips into consideration! 

Keep Your Child Healthy While Traveling

Focus on your vacation instead of the distraction of health concerns. At Carithers Pediatric Group, we are supplying you with the information you need to keep your child healthy while traveling. Spend this summer having fun! 

Learn What Vaccinations You Need

If you are going somewhere out of the country, you may need to consider what vaccinations you and your child need. Your doctor is a great resource for discovering these needs and ensuring you are taken care of before the vacation begins. From there, you can decide how far out to get the vaccinations and ensure the timing aligns with your vacation. Along with the CDC and AAP, we recommend the COVID vaccine for all our patients to stay healthy while traveling. 

Watch Out For Jet Lag 

When flying to another time zone, your child may feel the effects of jet lag. This can be reduced by getting plenty of sleep and water once you have arrived at the vacation destination. However, when it comes to sleep, it is essential to remember that you have to try to keep up with the new time zone in order to get adjusted. This means putting off that sleep until it makes sense in the location as well. 

Bring Aid For Motion Sickness

Whether in the car or on a plane, many children experience motion sickness as they encounter a new travel situation. According to the Mayo Clinic, reducing sensory input, pre-planning travel meals, providing air ventilation, distractions, and medication can all be ways to decrease the chance of motion sickness. Over-the-counter products containing meclizine can be of benefit (Dramamine, Bonine).  If severe symptoms persist, call our office to discuss prescription medication options with a provider.

Keep Them Hydrated 

Being hydrated can prevent further issues of staying healthy while traveling. It is easy to go without water for a long time without realizing it when you are caught up in a day of travel. Harvard’s School of Public Health details the importance of drinking water to regulate body temperature while also improving sleep quality, cognition, and mood. A day of travel is not the time to have your child’s mood change due to dehydration. 

Have Medications On Hand 

An easy preparation tactic is having standard medication on hand at all times. This includes materials such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen that can prevent the issue when it presents itself. If you know your child is susceptible to certain allergies or feelings, you can have the necessary medication on hand to prevent worry. If traveling abroad, antimalarials and/or medications for traveler’s diarrhea may be warranted. Visit the CDC travel website for recommendations. 

Watch Out For Germs 

While medication is important, you can also keep hand sanitizer and other safety precautions. If you feel the most comfortable if your child continues to wear a mask, this can be another option to consider. There are going to be germs in any area of travel, but it can be easier to implement healthy ideas if you plan ahead accordingly. 

Getting through a day of travel has enough moving parts as it is! Prepare yourself to handle potential issues to ensure your child remains healthy while traveling. This lets you enjoy your time instead of being in a state of worry. Are you planning a trip abroad with your child and want to stay healthy while traveling? Carithers Pediatric Group can help you discover what necessary precautions you need to take for the specific area you are visiting. Check out our website or give us a call for more information.

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