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Speech Apraxia Awareness Month – Dr. Chanley Dudley

  You’re probably asking, “What is apraxia, and why does it matter?”  Well, apraxia is a condition near and dear to my heart because my son, Charlie, has it.  It’s a neurologic speech disorder present from birth that affects the motor-planning function of the developing child’s brain.  Nobody knows what causes it.  It is similar to… Continue Reading

On-site Behavioral Consultation and Services

Carithers Pediatrics is excited to now offer affordable, on-site behavioral consultation and services to children and their parents by partnering with Dr. Mae Barker, a Doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst with extensive experience working with children and families.  Dr. Barker can work with parents to address their child’s behavior in areas such as compliance, toileting,… Continue Reading

Important note on Medication refills

Dear Carithers Patients, As the holidays approach, we have noticed a significant increase in our call volume. If you are one of our patients that calls for medication refills (meds for Asthma, ADD, Allergies, etc). Remember that you can always make those requests through our secure portal. If you are not registered for our portal… Continue Reading

Join us in celebrating our wonderful nurse practitioners for NP appreciation week.

“Jack is outstanding! He is very genuine in the way he cares for our sons, Vince and Max. He is passionate and kind, and has terrific rapport. His knowledge and willingness to explain in detail the answers to all our questions helps make each experience the best it can be. Jack you are a rockstar! Thanks for… Continue Reading