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Carithers Well Office Update

Car Waiting Room

Starting Monday, March 23, our designated well office on Point Meadows (Southside) will have drive through check-in and then a car waiting room system in place. We will get your name and number and call you when it is time to go straight to the exam room for your visit. The drive in check-in will be on the side of the building that faces IKEA. Our Phreesia check in allows you to sign forms and pay through your phone before the visit. This will minimize contact and continue to protect you and your family. Please continue to avoid bringing siblings and more than one caregiver to the appointment if at all possible. .



Next week, we are starting up telemedicine for selected, established mental health visits including ADHD, anxiety, and depression. We appreciate your patience as we roll this out, and we hope it becomes a great benefit for you! Insurances will treat this as a regular office visit from a payment perspective. We will be calling these selected patients who are scheduled for the next 2-3 weeks  to confirm their optional acceptance of the virtual visit. The program will likely grow in the near future.