6 Safety Rules To Establish With Your Child In Public

Being a parent comes with many responsibilities. It can seem easy in the comfort of your home, but being in public brings challenges. Safety rules are crucial to ensuring your child is listening and secure while with you in a public place. By creating rules and standards with your child at home, they will also know what to expect in public. 

At Carithers Pediatric Group, your child’s safety is the main priority. We have compiled a list of safety rules to establish with your child in public, so you can lessen the worry of leaving the house. 

Important Safety Rules For Your Children 

Educating Them On Stranger Danger 

Focusing on “Stranger Danger” can seem cliche, but it is an essential safety rules lesson for every child. It can be difficult for children to distinguish between people they have met before and strangers. However, instilling the lessons in them, such as only leaving or moving locations with someone they know they are supposed to, is essential. This comes with educating them without scaring them. The intention is to make them think about their surroundings and be aware of what is happening around them. 

Teaching Them To Stay Close 

When your child is in public with you, they should know to stay close. This also comes with ensuring you are keeping your eyes on them as well. If you are in a busy location like an amusement park, they should stay next to you and even hold your hand if preferred. 

Identifying Safe Adults

If your child was to get separated from you, having identified safe adults beforehand could prevent a more significant problem. By showing them police officers, firefighters, or even teachers, depending on the situation, they can know to go to one of those people if they cannot find you. 

Listening To Their Instincts 

Children can learn about instincts from a young age amongst the safety rules. If they are in a situation where they begin to feel unsafe, it is important to trust these thoughts. While you will always avoid putting them in a dangerous situation, they can start to trust their gut when they feel unsafe. It is also essential to be a good listener and understand where they are coming from. Just as we listen to our instincts as adults, children can too. 

Knowing When To Be Polite 

When we teach children from a young age to respect all adults, they can sometimes be too polite. It is also important to show them they do not have to be polite in a situation with someone they do not know. For example, if a stranger was trying to ask them to help find their dog or move locations, your child should feel comfortable saying no. 

Establishing Permission Before They Leave Your Side 

Before your child leaves your side in public, they should obtain permission first. These safety rules can keep your child having fun, but you can always know where they are. If you have established this rule, it can often be paired with staying in your line of sight, so they may not be by your side, but you can still see them. 

It can seem like there are too many things to fear when bringing your child out in public. However, by establishing these safety rules, you can be in a more comfortable position. Your child will know what to do and who to go to in an emergency. Are you worried about your child’s safety in public spaces? We know this can cause a lot of anxiety in parents. Our team is happy to discuss further resources and ideas with you. Check out our website or give us a call for more information. 

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