Since its introduction to society in 2010, Instagram has created a defining place for itself in many people’s lives. Here at Carithers Pediatric Group, we know the presence of the platform can leave all parents wondering whether it has a helpful (or harmful) effect. While both can be true, there is merit to discover. You may not have even realized there were Instagram accounts for parents to discover!

Informative Instagram Accounts For Parents:

These six Instagram accounts for parents give valuable, and sometimes humorous, ways to relate to each other in even the most trying of times. New resources have the opportunity to give perspectives that you had never thought about. The collection of experiences that Instagram draws upon does exactly that.

  • – @momdotcom

    • Instagram accounts for parents can also be fun. is an entertaining news and media page for parents. Looking to just feel like you’re not alone? The memes and different graphics are one’s that any parent can relate to. While some of them are purely for laughs, others provide useful information in a creative way. There are even quotes from viewers and celebrities to showcase how universal some feelings are. You can even sign up for the newsletter to get even more information to your inbox. This account is a great way to add consistent parenting information to your normal Instagram feed.
  • Priscila Yu, OTR/L – @playingwithchanel

    • The owner of this account, Priscila Yu, is not only a mom of two but also a pediatric occupational therapist. Yu describes the purpose of her account in its bio as, “Inspiring simple activities for your kids based on developmental principles.” Each post provides imagery and descriptions of new activities to incorporate into your daily routine with the kids. She even provides the necessary products needed to make each activity happen. With how fun the activities are, your children won’t even realize they are working on their development as well.
  •  Beau Coffron – @lunchboxdad

    • Running out of ways to make your child’s lunches look interesting enough to eat? Beau Coffron provides a multitude of ways to make simple ingredients look like a masterpiece for kids. From lunchbox meals to home dinners, Coffron explains the ingredients and process clearly for anyone reading to understand. The recipes also give parents and kids something fun to do together. You may even ignite a new hobby of cooking in yourself, or your children!
  • Dr. Becky Kennedy – @drbeckyatgoodinside

    • Dr. Becky Kennedy is a psychologist and a mother of three. The combination of those two roles leads to her providing expert parenting advice. Instagram accounts for parents and by parents are important.Through her page, Dr. Kennedy focuses on showcasing “Deep thoughts, practical strategies.” Her posts are categorized and clearly state how to implement the advice provided. You’ll receive sound medical advice without needing to hire a psychologist of your own. If her account isn’t enough, Dr. Kennedy also has a podcast, online workshops, and weekly strategies and scripts.
  • Curious Parenting – @curious.parenting

The account Curious Parenting states its mission as “Empowering a generation of resilient, liberated kids.” Through the posts, there is a reliance on emotion and understanding the meaning behind the words we use. Many of the posts are focused on the use of “Instead Of” and “Consider” to make sure the communication we have with our children keeps their needs in mind. Language is much more than the words we say but also the way we say them. Children pay attention to far more than simply the message. Curious Parenting helps us find the best words when we can’t seem to do it ourselves.

  • Child Mind Institute – @childmindinstitute

    • Child Mind Institute defines itself and its mission as, “We are an independent nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders.” Here, hard questions are answered for any parents who may not know where to start. From questions of how the pandemic has changed children’s lives to financial stability, the Child Mind Institute provides solutions and relatability for parents.

Instagram can be a very valuable tool when you find the right accounts to follow. There are so many out there that it can be hard to find the most useful ones. These Instagram accounts for parents are sure to offer some support, if not also new ways of approaching everyday situations. Looking for even more resources for parental support? Check out the Helpful Links tab on our website.