5 Ways To Expertly Prepare Your Child For Shots

A trip to the doctor’s office is often the last thing your child wants. Add an unexpected shot, and the mood is ruined. When children grow up, they tend to associate the doctor’s office with shots and sickness, but we are here to help them know there is more to it. By giving you the tools necessary for preparing your child for shots, they can have a more enjoyable experience. 

Prepare Your Child For Shots

Our team at Carithers Pediatric Group has given our fair share of shots. Over time, we have observed the most efficient ways for parents to prepare their children for shots. It does not have to be a scary part of the visit for anyone involved. Here, we provide you with five ways to prepare your child. 

Don’t Give Too Much Notice 

While it may seem like something to let your child get prepped about, this is a time not to give much notice. If they have more time to think about the fact that they are getting a shot, there is more time to become unsettled about it. It is easy to let them know casually in the car or let the doctor explain what the shots they are getting are for once you have arrived.  

Remain Calm

If you are calm, your child will see there is nothing to worry about as well. You can show them that this is an entirely normal part of the doctor’s visit. Your child picks up on everything you do in most settings. The doctor’s office is no different. The more normal you treat the situation, the more normal it will also seem to them. 

Give Them Honest Answers 

When your child asks you questions about getting shots, be honest with them. When you are already at the doctor’s office, it is a great time to have the doctor explain things to them as well. Your child should feel like they are being treated with respect and given the answers they are asking for. The combination of you and the doctor is a great place to start. When answers about shots are effortless, your child will also feel more comfortable asking other questions over time. The doctor becomes a safe space for them. 

Bring A Distraction

When your child is young enough for a distraction, they may not even realize the shot is happening. This is easier when you bring toys or objects that occupy their time from basically the moment they enter the office. The differences lie in the age of the child with what may distract them best. For younger children, those toys and objects will do the trick. For slightly older children, keeping a conversation with them may be the answer. 

Make Sure They Are Comfortable

Your child should feel comfortable when they are going to the doctor’s office. Part of this means finding a doctor that you and your child trust. Reading reviews and hearing from word of mouth can be a great way to learn more about a doctor before you even arrive. Since your child will need a pediatrician for their entire childhood, it is easier to find someone you can stick with from the beginning. 

Shots are the worst part of anyone’s doctor’s office. When your child is growing up, they can’t fully understand everything that is going on, making it even more overwhelming. Prepare your child for shots by reading through these tips before your next appointment. Are you struggling to get your child to calm down about shots? Our team at Carithers Pediatric Group has faced this dilemma numerous times. Find out more by contacting our office or checking out our website for resources and information. 

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