5 Sun Safety Tips For Children

In the summer months, sun safety is often one of the parents’ greatest concerns. There are many implications of too much time spent in the sun, and it can damage children’s health in more ways than one. Sunburns, dehydration, and even eye damage can all play a role. However, this doesn’t mean your child cannot get outside this summer. It just means taking the time to learn sun safety tips to let them have fun, while not doing damage.    

Sun Safety Tips 

Carithers Pediatric Group knows that you’d rather be proactive with sun safety than handle the consequences later. That is why we are providing you with five sun safety tips to keep in mind for your children. By considering these now, you can spend time enjoying the outside rather than worrying.  

Choose The Right Time

During the summer, it is essential to pay attention to the sun’s peak times. According to the Almanac, the hottest time of day is around 3 p.m. This also means acknowledging that the hours around 3 p.m. are still very hot outside. If your child is trying to find the time to get outside this summer, try to plan the activities around this time frame in order to avoid the hottest point of the day for sun safety. 

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential for your child’s sun safety. With the harmful rays of the sun, there is always a reason to apply plenty of SPF sunscreen. Skin damage can happen at any point in time spent in the sun. It does not have to be the peak heat. It doesn’t even have to be sunny outside to impact your child’s skin. 

Provide Shade 

If you are taking a trip to the beach or the park, don’t forget to bring something to keep your child in the shade. Whether it is an umbrella or a hat, these small items can make a world of difference for your child. It can prevent them from overheating and getting too much sun exposure. Even with sunscreen on, your child should not be consistently in the heat while they are outside. 

Utilize The Outfit 

Dress your child for success in the sun! If you know they are going to be spending plenty of time outside, consider a sun shirt or other layers that keep the sun off without making the child too hot. Loose fabrics can allow your child’s skin to breathe while preventing sun damage as well. 

Another great outfit piece to consider is sunglasses. Your child’s eyes are sensitive to light, and they often do not consider the implications of looking up at the sun. While teaching them the importance of not looking at the sun is essential, sunglasses can provide a barrier to the effects as well. The American Academy of Ophthalmology details the possible conditions that occur from sun exposure to the eyes. 

Bring Plenty of Water

While the sun’s rays can do damage, dehydration is another possible outcome of too much exposure during the day. If you know you are going to be outside for ample amounts of time, be sure to supply plenty of water for you and your child. They should continue to hydrate during activities to keep up with replenishing fluids lost in the heat. 

Going into outside activities prepared with sun safety tips can prevent a problem way before it occurs. There is no reason to be worrying about the heat instead of enjoying your child’s time outside. Are you looking for even more ways to keep your child safe in the sun? Carithers Pediatric Group is here to provide resources and answers to your questions. Check out our website or give us a call for more information. 

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